“Accept Credit Card Payments easily with the New Clover station”

Introducing the all new CLOVER Station 2.0®

Payment Ready

Accept cash and checks, mobile payments like Apple Pay®, and cards that swipe, dip and tap. Clover takes payments on the move or at the counter, safely and securely. Start building your system here.

Built Tough

Business moves fast. It can get pretty messy, too. So feel free to push your Clover to the max.

Total Control

From tracking transactions to managing inventory, you’ve got lots to get done. With Clover, you’ll have lots of ways to do it—from any device, including your computer.

Show It Off

Put Clover in your corner, but don’t hide it there. Its sleek, clean design is pleasing to the eye and made for the spotlight.

Clover Station -2019


NON-STOP Service

Clover Payment Technologies pioneered 24/7 LIVE support. Our professional team is committed to providing you superior support for software, hardware and training needs.

Business Intelligence Reporting

With the App market and the Clover Cloud™ Business Intelligence, you can effectively capture, organize and analyze your business information. Generate a variety of reports such as Sales Reports, Audit Trail Reports and Employee Reports.

Continuing Education

Employee turnover can be an issue in the fast-paced restaurant industry. In addition to initial training, ongoing training is available twice a month as your staff or business needs change.

Back Office

Clover 2.0 Back Office is a simple, powerful tool that allows you to configure the Front of the House system to fit your business operations. Your POS system can be easily modified to accommodate your changing business needs.

Clover 2.0

Look sharp

Clean counter space, thanks to space-saving design, and a 14-inch, HD display and swivel feature for smooth customer e-signatures and engagement.

Safety First

Accept EMV® chip and signature, mag stripe, and contactless payments like Apple Pay® with optional NFC printer.


8-core, state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor and 4GB memory to run your apps and business faster


Clover 2019

USD$69/month + $29 cloud fee - $0 Zero Credit Card Fees

Clover 2.0 bundle includes:
– Tablet & Stand
– Cash Drawer
– Receipt printer
– 1 box of thermal paper (subscription required)
– Menu programming or Inventory upload
– Remote Training
– Kitchen Printer (Restaurant/Bar Only)
– Cust Display & Barcode Scanner (Retail Only)
clover mini

Clover Mini - Terminal or Cash Register bundle

USD$45 per month- $0 Zero Credit Card Fees

Clover Mini Wifi/3G

Clover Mini includes:
– 1 Clover Mini Wifi/Ethernet
Mini 3G (wireless is $10 extra per month)
– 1 Set of Cables
– 1 Swivel table
– 1 Cables and Free Gift Cards


Clover Go Reader

USD$99.00 one time & 2.75% per swipe/tap/dip

Clover GO

EMV enabled chip and swipe card reader / Quick start user guide, 30cm black USB charging cable / Reader stability clasp
-1 Clover Phone Reader
-1 USB charger & Case

Clover Flex

USD$49/mo- Zero Credit Card Fees

Clover Flex Terminal

Small in size, Clover Flex is built to do business wherever you are. Easy to take with you and easy to hand to customers- they can dip, swipe, tap, enter a pin and sign.

1: Clover Flex with Integrated Printer


    SmartPay Program on Clover FAQ

    MSCPAYS offers a small business owner a few ways to recuperate much of the cost associated with accepting payment through various payment types which cost the business owner additional money to exchange, process, deposit, redeem.  With the CD$ app a small business can place a service fee on every item sold if the item is purchased by a tender other then cash.

    Example: a customer purchases several items valued at $10.00 The items sold will be charged a Service Fee (SF) of 3.99 % of the sale. Thereby making the final sale amount $10.39. If the customer payment method is by check,  prepaid cards, debit card, credit cards or any other form of payment the final sale will be $10.39. However, if the payment type is by cash the SF will be reduced and the final amount due from the customer will be $10.00.

    The CD$ app allows the merchant to set a service fee for all denominations of payment. (Checks, prepaid cards, debit cards,Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dinners, JBT, Cash)

    The SmartPAY  CD$ app complies with legal requirements for offering a cash discount, thereby allowing merchants in regulated states to offer a cash discount without legal complications.
    The regulated state are:
    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Texas,  Puerto Rico (US Territory)

    The app allows the merchant to set a surcharge fee for all denominations of payment. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dinners, JBT, Cash, Checks)

    When the merchant pays with cash the receipt will show the surcharge amount charged by the merchant for all denominations minus the surcharge amount set by the merchant to implement a Cash Discount.

    Transaction Paid with Cash Transaction Paid with other denominations
    $10.00 Sales
    $  0.30 CF  (Service Fee)
    $- 0.30 Discount
    $10.00  Total Sale
    $10.00 Sales
    $  0.30 SF (Service Fee)
    $10.30  Total Sale


    Compatible Terminals Compatible Merchant Plans
    • Clover Station 2018 (2.0)
    • Clover Mobile
    • Clover Mini
    • Clover Flex




    ·        Register Lite ($9.99 per terminal)

    ·        Register ($29.00 Per Terminal)

    Cash Discounting has been used for the past 15 years in gas stations who offer a discount at the pump for cash payments.
    Merchants are looking for ways to save. By offering the cash discount tool merchants can cover their processing fees and generate additional sales, reduce expenses resulting in substantial savings.  If you used this program How much would your Business Save per year???

    Other Fees apply:

    Monthly Maintenance fee $49.99

    PCI compliance Breach protection $8.99

    Online Statements ($4.00) Optional

    Next Day Funding $29.00 + 0.10%  (optional)

    Annual Program Fee $119.00

    Merchant Advantage Program ($14.95)  Terminals and Clover Mini Only.

    Clover Pro Software $29.00 per station (Optional on Mobile, Mini & Flex)




    Partner Program