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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text 0=””]Our payment platform integrates with all the primary e-commerce platforms and shopping cart software. This allows you to use the best e-commerce solutions while not having to pay the high credit card processing rates they typically come with.  We can even offer SMARTPAY for you to save on all credit card rates and fees.  Making it a Very affordable option for E-Commerce websites and Online processing shopping carts.

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The Highest Level of Payment Technology Innovation As a busy business owner, you value efficiency and faster payment processing. You put in countless hours and personal sacrifice to grow your business and meet the needs of your customers. And now, you can employ a payments processing system that matches your efficiency. Saltsha Payments by MSC is a cloud-based payment solution platform, bank integrated and is scalable. 
 This platform has processed millions of transactions for thousands of businesses, you can rest assured that your customer’s payments are secure. An Innovative and Versatile Solution An award-winning cloud-based system, Saltsha Payments is bank integrated and can factor in the ongoing delivery of future solutions or adjust to grow with your company and meet your changing technology needs. The completion of the Service Organization Control audit demonstrates Saltsha Payments’ high value to data security. In addition, the bank direct connections along with API/SDK library provide you with the tools to easily deliver ACH, credit card, and RDC payment options to your customers, which opens the doors for you to accept and make payments faster. Payment options delivered through an intuitive interface and can accommodate any tech skill level include online forms, mobile, text, email, virtual terminal, phone (IVR), shopping cart checkout, and remote deposit (RDC). Saltsha Payments is your one-stop shop for a payments technology which grows with your business while making your life easier so you can better serve your customers. 

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Secure. Customizable. Integrated.

Turning the complex simple by providing software developers& businesses with secure and customizable payment solutions.

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Let Your Merchants Go Virtual!

MSC Velocity’s Virtual Terminal enables merchants to accept swiped, keyed and EMV credit card transactions, while performing a variety of other payment management functions, all without a traditional point-of-sale terminal.

Quick Reference Users Guide



Merchant Benefits

Subscription Services/Recurring Payments

Securely store your customers’ personal and account information. Then, leverage a sleek and simple platform to start accepting payments (via credit card or ACH) for recurring applications and services like software, donations, and more. Enjoy the freedom to customize contracts with optional add-ons and discounts, as well as periodic cycles that fit your revenue growth.

Ideal for:
Property management, subscription-based apps, gyms, salons, and utility companies

Card Present EMV Acceptance

Simplify both EMV migration and your PCI scope by accepting EMV or chip cards via our Virtual Terminal and a FREE Ingenico iCT 220 Terminal that is preprogrammed with our semi-integrated EMV solution. You can even set up multiple stations on a single account!

Ideal for:
Any retail/hospitality business in need of EMV

Purchase Level Cards

Utilize simple Level 2 and 3 data entry fields to save money by securing the most optimal Interchange rates whenever you use the NAB Velocity Virtual Terminal. You can process in real time or even add to existing authorizations.

Ideal for:
Governments, B2B, and municipalities

Email Invoicing

Get paid faster by generating and sending email invoices instantly! Our Hosted Payments Form allows customers to pay their balances online safely, securely and immediately via credit card, digital wallet (MasterPass or Visa Checkout), or even e-check.

Ideal for:
B2B and service-based businesses


Faster, Safer Transactions

The MSC Velocity Virtual Terminal allows you to process credit cards online more quickly and securely than ever before.


Money Savings

No need for hardware or dedicated phone lines means you save on both startup and monthly costs.


Past Order Retrieval

Quickly access past orders to perform refunds and voids or to make adjustments and print receipts.


Enhanced Security

Protect sensitive cardholder data through the added safety and security of Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2).


Seamless Integration

Complements existing point of purchase and eCommerce solutions integrated through NABVelocity i.e. shopping carts.


Multiple Locations & Users

Manage all your locations from one single login and control access to who uses the Virtual Terminal with unique logins for individual employees.


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Get certified for EMV quickly and easily with EMV123—only from MSC Velocity.

As data breaches and identity theft become more and more common, the importance of safeguarding sensitive cardholder data through the swift adoption of EMV or “chip card” technology cannot be overstated. There is no question that EMV cards provide more thorough authentication and safer and more secure transactions. That being said, getting your POS or payment acceptance solution EMV-certified can be a long and arduous process. Luckily, MSC Velocity can get you certified in a snap with EMV123.

Get Started


  • Provides a seamless transition to our VAR partners into EMV acceptance.


  • Removes the guesswork from certification testing.


  • Certified by all the major card brands.


  • Eliminates the need for you to have to deal with the major card brands individually.


  • Significantly reduces the time it takes for you to become EMV-certified.


  • Significantly reduces the time it takes your EMV-ready solution to reach the market.

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