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Introducing NCR Silver Quantum®

NCR Silver Quantum is more than a point of sale: The all-in-one commerce station delivers customer engagement, business insight and payment acceptance in one sleek package. Powered by NCR Silver and equipped with an Android tablet, it offers everything you need to take your retail or food-and-beverage business to the next level.


Our payment platform integrates with all the primary e-commerce platforms and shopping cart software. This allows you to use the best e-commerce solutions while not having to pay the high credit card processing rates they typically come with.  We can even offer SMARTPAY for you to save on all credit card rates and fees.  Making it a Very affordable option for E-Commerce websites and Online processing shopping carts.



The Highest Level of Payment Technology Innovation As a busy business owner, you value efficiency and faster payment processing. You put in countless hours and personal sacrifice to grow your business and meet the needs of your customers. And now, you can employ a payments processing system that matches your efficiency. Saltsha Payments by MSC is a cloud-based payment solution platform, bank integrated and is scalable. 
 This platform has processed millions of transactions for thousands of businesses, you can rest assured that your customer’s payments are secure. An Innovative and Versatile Solution An award-winning cloud-based system, Saltsha Payments is bank integrated and can factor in the ongoing delivery of future solutions or adjust to grow with your company and meet your changing technology needs. The completion of the Service Organization Control audit demonstrates Saltsha Payments’ high value to data security. In addition, the bank direct connections along with API/SDK library provide you with the tools to easily deliver ACH, credit card, and RDC payment options to your customers, which opens the doors for you to accept and make payments faster. Payment options delivered through an intuitive interface and can accommodate any tech skill level include online forms, mobile, text, email, virtual terminal, phone (IVR), shopping cart checkout, and remote deposit (RDC). Saltsha Payments is your one-stop shop for a payments technology which grows with your business while making your life easier so you can better serve your customers. 
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