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Introducing EXATOUCH®


Powered by industry-leader Merchant Solutions Corp, Exatouch supports the latest payment technologies with a variety of semi-integrated solutions. With support for EMV, contactless payments, and signature capture, you’ll be prepared to handle every transaction that comes your way.

Additionally, Exatouch supports pay-at-the-table with tip adjust on EMV transactions. Learn more about our solutions for restaurants!


Now, your point of sale system can streamline your business operations. With one comprehensive POS system, you’ll oversee employee, customer, and vendor management, inventory, appointment scheduling, table mapping, purchase ordering and more! Enhanced reporting also provides greater insight into your business, such as sales, real-time stock counts, customer purchasing trends, and more!


With the power of Electronic Payments behind Exatouch, payments, service and support align with POS in a seamless package. With one phone call, the Electronic Payments support team can assist with your entire payments and POS ecosystem, including POS software and hardware questions, account and transaction inquiries, gift card services, and more!


Leading Hardware

Exatouch is a modern, high-performance system designed to endure. Our “all-in-one” Exatouch packages come with an LCD touchscreen and all the peripherals your business needs to manage operations.

Cost Effective

Advanced POS systems don’t have to be expensive. Our comprehensive Exatouch packages lower the cost of ownership, combining hardware, software and 24/7 support.

Programming Set up and Training

Setup has never been so easy. Merchant Solutions Corp will preload your menu and inventory into your system and make sure you know how to take advantage of Exatouch’s many features.

Back Office

EXATOUCH: The days of worrying about losing data are over! With daily Cloud backup, your data is accessible and securely stored at all times.

Table Management

Get a birds-eye view of your dining room! With detailed multi-zone table mapping, Exatouch enables you to assign tables, servers and courses to accommodate your diners with ease – especially during peak dining hours.

Tableside Ordering

With the Exatouch tablet, servers can input customer orders at the table, increasing speed and efficiency. Plus, servers can control the firing sequence of guest’s course selections to the kitchen, providing an impeccable dining experience for your patrons.

Difficult Orders Made Easy

Manage the most complicated orders with ease. With Exatouch, it’s simple to split guest checks, transfer tickets, move items, change or combine tables, add discounts and more!


Fast-paced restaurants love Exatouch for the speed of order entry, and streamlined modifications. Modifiers can be tracked for potential upsell opportunities!

Integrated Payments

A leading EMV solution, Exatouch enables your business to accept the latest payment methods, including EMV and contactless payments. With semi-integrated solutions such as the PAX D210, you’ll have a sleek, WiFi device designed to interact with your patrons and allow for payments right at the table.

Customer Engagement and Promotions

Recognize your customers and keep them coming back with frequent customer discounts and menu specials. Discounts can be manually entered or automatically calculated based on time, day, or items ordered.

Integrated Inventory Management

Inventory management has never been easier! Exatouch provides integrated inventory functions to help make smart sales and purchasing decisions. Easily access product information with quick SKU lookups, build and monitor stock counts in real-time, and quickly determine which items to replenish and when. Exatouch also supports multi-pack items. Whether you’re selling beverages as single items, six-packs or cases, Exatouch ensures your inventory is accurate.


Instant Age Verification

Enjoy added peace of mind with dual age verification settings on flagged purchases to prompt employees to swipe or key enter the customer’s license.

Protect Your Business 24/7

Featuring customizable security levels and privileges, Exatouch safeguards your business. Monitor, add or restrict permissions for employees based on assigned roles. Password prompts and designated Employee Access Cards provide secure access to defined Exatouch screens with just one swipe!

Customer Engagement and Promotions

Recognize your customers and keep them coming back with frequent buyer discounts, or birthday and holiday promotions. Additionally, Exatouch can easily implement BOGO offers, mix and match specials, and price reductions on certain days of the week or during special times of the year.

Seamless Appointment Setting

Exatouch® takes the guesswork out of appointment setting with an intuitive, comprehensive scheduling module. A few simple steps enable you to designate time slots based on priority, set recurring appointments, and even double-book to “squeeze-in” a customer, managing two services at a time! With one glance, you have a complete overview of all appointments for the selected day or week.

Salon Service Providers

Exatouch makes it easy to match customers with the right salon specialist. Different services may be setup with a specified service type, cost and duration.

  • Time Blocking

    Easily account for employee breaks and vacations right on the scheduling module, preventing appointments from being booked during unavailable time slots.

  • Integrated Payments

    Exatouch supports the latest payment technologies, including EMV and contactless payments, as well as gift cards, powered by eGiftSolutions. Ask us how your customers can pay for their services right in their chair with our mobile payment device!

  • Detailed Customer Database

    Show your appreciation and build upon client relationships with custom promotions and discounts. From new clients to your “every other Thursday at six” regulars, Exatouch maintains a detailed customer database for each and every customer, allowing you to track purchases, create and manage email promotions, and extend purchase incentives to keep your clients happy and your chairs full!

  • Friendly Reminders

    Your customers will be sure to remember upcoming appointments with automatic reminder emails sent hours, days or weeks beforehand.

EXATOUCH is now available with Cash Discount $$

Merchants across the Nation are taking advantage of our complete legally patented software that allows Surcharging, Discount or Price reductions on Demand.




Bundle Includes:
-All in One POS Touchscreen
-Cash Drawer
-Thermal Receipt Printer
-PAX s80 Semi integrated terminal
-Barcode Scanner (Retail Only*)
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