What is Cloopcard?


Cloopcard is a closed loop software that allows to instantly create a loop or connection between business owners and their customers. By signing up at cloopcard.com the business owner can upload information and a company logo or business card and instantly start creating gift cards, coupon cards and special offers that can be targeted to potential returning customers.

Full Set of Tools for Analytics

No percentage charge on each gift card

No Transaction Fee


No Plastic Card Purchases

Ease of Use

No extra hardware required – an Android or iOS-based smartphone or even a tablet is all it takes. Also works with a PC or any other device connected to the internet

No Terms & Conditions other than the ones you choose to apply

Send offers or gift cards directly to customers’ smartphone through our SMS, E-mail and other in-app notifications

$30 a month for ‘Basic’: up to 100 users
$60 a month for ‘Premium’: up to 250 users
$120 a month for the ‘Unlimited’: unlimited users

Partner Program