New Models available for Pay At The Table

We can also offer a much more affordable EMV integration terminal.  Using the Ingenico IPP 350 You can run Chip Cards on a Restaurant Environment and Adjust tip at a later time or Use Pin Debit at retail locations if required.




Oracle 720 Table Service

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Let CDITech put our decades of experience as a total hospitality partner to work for you. We’ll walk you through the entire process to help identify which of our industry-leading solutions are the right ones to help you run your restaurant as efficiently, as securely, and as profitably as possible.

Scheduling menu reviews to identify any points of failure. Ensuring merchants are fully comfortable with their POS equipment. Certifying front-of-the-house staff so that they can train their coworkers. Our comprehensive approach to installation is designed to ensure you the smoothest “go live” day possible.

So, we’ve identified the right solution for your restaurant and trained your staff on how to use it. Now comes the exciting part… it’s time to go live! At CDITech, we take the stress out of your go live day by having support staff on hand to put you at ease. That way you can focus on your big day.

At CDITech, we specialize in offering our partners peace of mind. With an available extended hours support contract that features our phone and on-site support package, preventative maintenance, hardware repairs, and programming and PCI assistance, that peace of mind is always just a call away.

From installation to configuration and training, our 

 24/7 technicians provide the support
you need to get going in no time.




Engineered Hardware and Software. Better Together.
The Oracle MICROS Tablet 721 is a rugged mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution that was designed with the hospitality industry in mind. With its compact 7-inch design and durable capability, the Oracle MICROS Tablet 721 is the ideal choice for applications requiring extended battery life and purpose-built options. With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, magnetic stripe reader, optional barcode scanner, NFC/RFID, and rear-facing camera, the Oracle MICROS Tablet 721 enables increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced operations, and improved cost control.

MICROS 3700 POS system

MICROS’ most popular restaurant POS solution that is both powerful and flexible. If security, data integrity, easy software deployment, and real-time business intelligence top your list of requirements, MICROS RES is your solution.


MICROS 6A- Hospitality Management System (HMS)

Built on years of industry experience, 9700 HMS delivers the business intelligence you need to make timely, and well-informed business decisions through a collection of easy-to-use tools, allowing you to quickly find the information you need without investing in lengthy training. With installations ranging from small, specialized operations, to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties, 9700 HMS has the functionality and experience to meet your needs.




What if you could perform any transaction (including EMV) under 5 seconds with your existing MICROS POS System?

  • With zero responsibility for cardholder data and zero need for costly middleware
  • Award winning Help Desk Support
  • Available CC Processing when the Internet is Down
  • White Glove On-Site Support
Now You CAN!!
Introducing our MICROS EMV solution – the safest and most secure integrated solution for your current MICROS equipment

No Gateway fees, Transaction fees, Support or Installation fees.

Say Goodbye to Third Party Gateway solutions such as FreedomPay, Merchant Link and Elavon





P.A.T.T.I (Pay At The Table Interface) IWL2XX



• Payment terminals pull the check information remotely from the POS
• Any server or payment terminal can view and accept payments for any table
• Tip calculator with percentages and/or dollar amounts
• PINpad closes the table and completes full payment reconciliation remotely P.A.T.T.I (Pay At The Table Interface) is an EMV pay-at-the-table solution, for both chip and sign and chip and PIN cards. With a decade of field-proven innovation in over 2,000 restaurant installations, Our solution is now fully certified and available in the U.S. marketplace.  Available to over 10 Different POS softwares

• Bluetooth connectivity to the terminal base
• Multiple language presentation
• Works with most POS systems
• Takes POS out of scope for PCI compliance requirements
• Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
• Multichannel ready: wireless for table service, wired for QSR and drive-thru, and 3G for delivery

• Accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty, and point cards
• Works with mobile wallets: Apple Pay and Android Pay





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